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Custom Software is Fun Fun Fun!

EeloSoft — Making Work so Easy it’s Fun!

That’s right.  Making your work fun is fun for us.  We’re here to Automate the boring parts of your job with Custom Software Solutions.  We’ve created this blog to help make your work more fun.  We do that in three ways:

  1. Share Free Tips & Tricks for using software like Microsoft Office
  2. Present a Catalog of Off the Shelf Software Tools for general small business and specific industries
  3. Showcase Custom Software Design, Copy-writing, Web Development, Graphic Design, and other Business Services

Free Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Office is a great suite of Software Tools!  It’s great because it offers flexibility. Sometimes that flexibility can be overwhelming.  That’s why we offer you tips & tricks to keep you heading in the right direction.  After reading a few posts, you should subscribe to the EeloSoft Custom Software Blog.  Just fill in your email address on the left-hand menu/form.  Here are some great Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Tips and some great advice on Color Coding with Microsoft Excel to get you started.

Off the Shelf Software

EeloSoft opened up shop in 2009.  Our plan was to offer Custom Software Solutions to small businesses.  With experience, we’ve learned a few things:

  • Many Small Business Needs are not custom at all.  There are standard needs across all organizations.
  • EeloSoft can Provide more Value to more Clients by augmenting Custom Service with a standard Product Line

We’re passionate about Expanding & Enhancing our standard product line.  So, please check back often. And definitely let us know what standard products you think we should offer.

Custom Software

Just For You!

If we don’t already have a standard tool you want, we’d love to make one for you.  We can design a custom software tool for your unique need. Or we can evaluate a partnership if you think there’s a broader market for your idea.

If you’ve searched our store and don’t already see what you’re looking for in a standard software tool, then it all starts with an idea.  Or even a complaint!  We’ll take complaints, too.  Just let us know what’s bugging you about your job.  We’ll help fix it by designing a custom software tool for your unique need.

Or You Can Share

If you think there’s a broader market for your idea, we’d love to evaluate a potential business partnership with our Niche Tool Partnership Program. If you’re not quite sure how we can help, just ask.  Or at least start by checking out our Skills, Services, & Portfolio to get a taste of what we can do.

Like I said, we want to make your work fun!  If it’s not fun already, we’re looking forward to commiserating with you…  And then celebrating, of course!

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