EeloSoft was founded in 2009 by Erik Lomas, a Wisconsin native, living in Milwaukee.  During the 2008 Great Recession, Erik was working as a chemical engineer at a Fortune 1000 company.  After watching news about “Too Big to Fail” & corporate corruption, and hearing first-hand accounts of lay-offs, pay freezes, & down-sizing;  Erik decided he wanted to do his small part to help.

Erik believes that small businesses have been and always will be the back-bone of a successful economy.  That’s why Erik committed himself & EeloSoft to helping other small businesses succeed.

Four years later, we’ve helped 100’s of small businesses enjoy success.  EeloSoft remains a small business, and we still understand it’s critical to get the most value for your money.‭ ‬We think it’s fair that you should expect the same,‭ ‬so here’s our promise to you:‭

We’re committed to adding value to your organization at a fair price.‭ ‬For us that means

  • We won’t bid on a project that requires resources beyond our capacity
  • We won’t try to sell you something we don’t think will benefit you
  • If we believe there’s a better way to accomplish your end goal,‭ ‬we’ll let you know
  • We’ll try to match deliverables to your budget and schedule constraints.‭ ‬If we don’t think that’s‭ ‬feasible,‭ ‬we’ll let you know

If you love small business, too, why not partner with us?  Whether you’ve already got your project scoped out or are just wondering if there’s a better way to do a few things, let’s talk about it. To learn more about how EeloSoft can help, browse our Services, Skills, and Portfolio If you want some information you couldn’t find on the site let us know

If you’re new to EeloSoft, please introduce yourself, so that we can tailor content and services to your interests.

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