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Got an idea that would make your work a lot easier?
Would other people in your industry or niche find your idea interesting, too?  Are you excited but not quite sure what to do next?  A partnership with EeloSoft might be just right.  Let’s find out.

For years EeloSoft has developed custom software to help the pros stream-line their jobs.  Our typical customers have been established, well-funded businesses.  We hate it when we just can’t make a deal with new ventures because we can’t find common ground on price.  So, we’ve gotten creative, invested some more time into product development, and are rolling out the Niche Tool Partnership Program.

So, what’s the Niche Tool Partnership Program?  If you’re knowledgeable in any field, whether professional or hobby, and have an idea about how software or some other innovation could improve that field, we want to talk to you.  We’ll need your help to understand what the people in your field want.  And we need you to help navigate the nuances that are unique to your niche market.  In turn, we’d like to help create your product, market it, sell it, and deliver it to happy customers!

We understand that your idea is valuable and that you’re not ready to share it with just anyone.  So, at this first stage we won’t ask you to share any details yet.  Let’s begin by evaluating the feasibility of your business idea.  Download & use this free product to get started.  Don’t worry, it’s email registration only — No Credit Card Required.  If we don’t hear from you first, we’ll follow-up by email to take next steps after you’ve had a chance to complete Initial Product Evaluation.

We do hope you’ll follow through on this.  In today’s world, you just can’t assume your job will always be safe.  Speaking from personal experience, I can say that pursuing your own business idea is rewarding for some very important reasons:

  • Sense of Personal Satisfaction & Fulfillment
  • Income Insurance Policy against Losing your Full-time Job
  • Unlimited Income Potential that won’t be Realized by Working for Someone Else
  • Personal Freedom & Flexibility

So, let’s get started!  Download this product so we can talk about a partnership that works great for both of us!  We’re looking forward to working with you!


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