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Click & Mortar Web Package

A web design package, designed specifically for established businesses that are ready to advance to a Click & Mortar or Bricks & Clicks 21st Century Business Model


You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “Bricks & Mortar”.  It’s historically been used to refer to the physical presence of a business and an added level of trust that can be associated with that presence.  Whether you agree or not, the mentality has started to flip in the 21st century.  Many customers generate their first impression of a business by its web presence.  In the past a potential customer may use the Yellow Pages or just pay a visit after hearing about a business through acquaintances.  Today, many customers will “google” your business or industry as their first interaction with you.  If you’d like to win more new customers, you’ll need to invest in the procurement & development of your web real estate.  And this can all be done at a fraction of the price needed to develop a physical store-front.

The Process


As an established business, you’ve already begun to or have completely established your unique identity.  Logos, mission statements, product offerings, graphical standards etc. have all contributed to this.  As a first step we’ll work with you to help us understand this identity.  This ensures your web presence congruently conveys your identity.

Web Purpose

We’ll then discuss where your web presence fits your current business model.  If you’ll always do your business face-to-face, your website may act similarly to a brochure or other advertising material that encourages prospects to visit your store.  If you manufacture products or offer services that are conducive to web sales, we may want to take a look at an ecommerce solution.  We’ll look at your current operation, discuss where you’re heading, and evaluate options that fit your goals.


Based on all of your input, we’ll propose a solution.  Basic pricing for our services are already listed later in this brochure.  We’ll outline which products/services we think are a good fit, any customization that we think will add value, and initial mock-ups of what your solution might look like.


When you’re ready to establish your web presence, we’ll work closely with you to generate designs and copy that fit your business.  This is often an iterative process, where we’ll provide frequent updates and solicit feedback from you.


When we’ve got the design and initial copy hammered out, we’ll publish all of this to the web and start letting internet users know about your new site.


Business Characterization – $90

We evaluate your current business model and identity.  From this research we provide initial recommendations to supplement your business via web presence.  If you choose to stop here, we’ll keep your unique report on file for a year to resume where we’ve left off.

Domain Name Registration & Hosting – $115

Based on your unique business, we’ll suggest available domain names and register your first choice.  An example domain name is “”.  This process is the equivalent of purchasing a green field site for construction.  Like the real estate adage, “Location Location Location”, choosing and purchasing your domain should be an informed decision.

Web Copy Consultation – $135

We’ll guide you through the process of writing copy for your website – copy that fits your identity and uses keywords that attract browsers that are most likely to become customers.  We’ll also proof-read final copy you provide.  If you would like us to write all copy, we can provide that service, too.

Style Standard & CSS Files – $135

Based on your identity and input, we’ll create a style that suits you.  We’ll work closely with you through the iterations of this process until you’ve got what feels right.  The outcome of this process will be a style palette that will be applied across your website for initial and future content.

Page Design – $225 for 1st page + $45 for each additional page

Using the copy and style standard we’ve created together, we’ll design & lay out each page of your site.

Site Implementation & Search Submission – $180

When we’ve agreed upon content and layout of all the pages, it’s time to go live!  During this stage, we’ll make your website accessible to the world.  We’ll submit your site to the major search engines and get you started with Search Engine Marketing to make it easier for prospective customers to find you.

Bundled Click & Mortar Web Package

You can buy this entire package at a discount to get your site up and running, quickly:  EeloSoft Click & Mortar Web Package

Additional Services

Web Development – $45/hr.

Non-standard custom development and implementation can be provided, utilizing PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript

Web Copy Research & Writing – $25/hr.

If you’d rather have us write all of your web copy or want us to help with blogging and other updates, we’d love to help

Graphic Design & Page Design – $35/hr.

We have several talented graphic designers available to help with logo design, custom brochures/info-graphics and other materials.